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Feedback from technical presentation 23 April 2012
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2012/04/25 at 7:07:21 AM GMT
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Feedback from technical presentation 23 April 2012

G’day Vaughan

As mentioned I had direct discussion with the representatives of Clear Fuel Technologies(CFT) during the lighting break and wished topass details to the meeting members.The two items that were discussed and need ongoing follow-up are as follows:-

1-Establishment of Diesel engine performance with Algae-X kit fitted.

CFT estimated that the reduction in fuel consumption/increased performance was of the order of 3% when the kit was fitted.

Tests have been conductedon the same engine with power measured in initial mode(power down) and then after fitment of the device. Emissions were also monitored and particulates were measured-test reports were accredited.

The reports will be made available.

2-Problematic use of Biofuels as a mix in Diesel.

Allowable Biodiesel to be added to Diesel is 5% - however none of the oil majors are known to be blending commercially available fuel. The cases of power loss/ heavy sooting as treated by CFT seem to be small operations often in off-road vehicles.

The relevant standard for the Biodiesel is SANS 1935 and for the blended Diesel SANS 342 and it is proposed that compliance is confirmed to these standards where problems arose.

Incidentally the Storage Stability period given by the regulatory authorities remains at 12 months under normal conditions for Biodiesel mix which suggests that if you get the ingredients right the final product will have an adequate working life.

I will follow up on both these items.

Once again, thanks to all for supporting my attendance.


Geoff Cobb

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