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Approval of CPD Activities
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Approval of providers of CPD activities

ECSA has given approval to recognised voluntary associations such as SAIMechE in terms of the Engineering Professions Act, as well as accredited tertiary educational institutions to run activities, which will be acknowledged for obtaining CPD credits. ECSA regards these bodies as capable of ensuring that all their courses, seminars or conferences etc would be of adequate standard. These activities are those described in Category 1, Section 9 of the ECSA CPD Policy.

All other bodies, such as private companies or state organizations, would need to have the contents of every event they provide for in this Category of CPD approved by the recognised voluntary association for the discipline or category of registration concerned and for the assignment of the appropriate credits. The organisers of these courses, conferences or seminars etc would therefore have to approach the appropriate recognised voluntary association for vetting of the activity and may be charged a fee for such evaluation and approval.

Registered persons, who intend participating in an activity provided by any other bodies should ensure that the activity is approved so that the credits awarded will be recognised by ECSA.

In approving a Category 1 CPD activity, recognized voluntary associations will ensure that the following aspects are covered: 

  • The activity should serve to maintain or enhance the knowledge, skills and competence of all those who participate in it. 
  • The activity should meet an educational and developmental need and provide an effective learning experience for the participants.
  • The participants or group of participants must be specified (e.g. professional engineers, professional technologists, professional certificated engineers, professional technicians, registered technicians or a specified category, e.g. registered lift inspectors) and where appropriate, the discipline should also be specified.
  • The depth and breadth of the subject matter covered must be appropriate with sufficient time for discussion.
  • The subject covered should provide a balanced view and should not be unduly promotional. 
  • The presenters should have proven practical and academic experience and be good communicators. 
  • Evaluation forms for obtaining feedback from participants on the activity must be provided for rating of the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the activity.

Private service providers of CPD activities will be required to submit applications for approval of their proposed activity to the recognised voluntary association for that discipline or category of registration, who will arrange for assessment of the content and CPD credit value thereof. Applications for approval of CPD activities must be submitted to the appropriate recognised voluntary association on Form ECPD2, which can also be accessed at the ECSA website address at

When submitting the completed application form (Form ECPD2), please include the following (preferably in hard copy, two sets - dependent on the branch to which you are applying):


  • Speaker/s’ CV
  • Speaker/s' notes
  • Any hand-outs to delegates 
  • Delegate pack
  • Brochure (and/or other promotional material)
  • Summary of evaluations (from previous session/s of the activity for which CPD validation is being applied for)
  • Any other relevant information pertaining to the activity
Whilst the Engineering Council (ECSA) would expect you to familiarise yourself with the entire CPD policy, sections 10 and 11 of the policy are of particular importance, describing the role of the Voluntary Association (SAIMechE) both as a provider of CPD activities, and as a validator and monitor of the activities of other providers.

Once all required documents are received, an invoice will be issued, for which payment is required prior to the validation being conducted.


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