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This is Chris Reay's Blog where he expresses his opinion on a variety of subjects related to the PDP.


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Use of website for PDP access

Posted By Chris Reay, Thursday, 23 June 2016


Hi all Members of this Group,

Please add your comments on your experiences  with this site. We are collecting the input from users so as to make any necessary improvements with the main aim of making the access to the the PDP information as user-friendly as possible.

For those who wish to become Mentors for candidates undertaking the PDP as a helping-hand for training and achievement of professional competence, it is necessary that you are fully conversant with the contents of all the outcomes and the documents to be used for assessment.

The SAIMechE will be running Mentor training events to assist with this process.

We would appreciate ant potential Mentors logging their names on this site ( in this group ) so that we can get in touch with them.






Tags:  Mentors  use for PDP  website 

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Some practical help for Candidates

Posted By Chris Reay, Tuesday, 07 June 2016

Response to Ryan 

Vaughan passed on your emails and your wish to get registered in the next year.
You have evidently done sufficient time post graduation (min 3 years).
The reason SAIMechE developed the PDP was to enable the process of becoming competent easier. Trying to decipher a process directly out of the ECSA documents is not easy.The PDP’s objective is for the Candidate to achieve a level of competency that can meet the ECSA requirements once the results are encapsulated in the ECSA formats, should the Candidate wish to register.
SAIMechE’s PDP in effect takes the ECSA Outcomes and “connects” them to the Referee Report and the other reports with process that uses the assessment criteria in easy to identify format, as well as suggesting activities that can be undertaken by the Candidate and displayed to the Mentor to facilitate the application of the criteria. 
The Mentor should then provide the role of the Referee as he/she will have acquired the information to perform that role, having related to the candidate in sufficient detail.
The NRS requires a more involved role by the Mentor. The PDP has also now developed a training module for the Mentor, but it is essentially the same content for the work described in the PDP Outcome documents.
Candidates are encouraged to make use of the SAIMechE website and join the PDP Group. In this way you can relate to others via the blog facility.


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Tags:  competency  mentorship  outcomes  referee  register 

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Submission of application for registration with ECSA

Posted By Chris Reay, Thursday, 26 May 2016



All applications for registration with ECSA using the legacy system closed at the end of March 2016.

So from 1st April 2016, all new Candidate training and mentoring has to be carried out in accordance with the NRS.

Candidates seeking Mentors need to enquire whether the Mentor is familiar with the NRS and this can be achieved most effectively if the Mentor has read the PDP postings on this web site.

The value of the PDP curriculum essentially is in the manner in which the extensive information in the ECSA documents in the R-02 suite have been "connected" to the final reporting formats that are to be used for evaluation for competence and registration, should the Candidate choose the be registered.

We call this curriculum an "easy guide", or in common well-meaning parlance, the "Dummy's Guide" to meeting the 11 Outcomes.

Remember that it is a compliance with professional standards, not  technical standards. Whilst Mentors can often assist with technical queries, the role of supervision and guidance in the workplace is critical for the technical guidance. 

Please go through the FAQs as this should answer most queries. Otherwise please post your questions to me or Malcolm Black in this PDP group.

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 Attached Thumbnails:

Tags:  legacy  NRS  PDP  registration 

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Retrenchments and solutions

Posted By Chris Reay, Monday, 02 May 2016


The current state of the economy with the decline in projects and manufacturing has resulted in a significant shift in the employment paradigm. In 2014 the profession was busy assisting in the creation of the industry scarce skills identification and listing. Within a year of that publication, we started to experience the implementation of section 189 retrenchment programmes across many levels of industry. Thus in a very short time, we changed from a visible and evident scare skills situation to a scarce jobs situation, particularly in the EPCM environment.

Those affected persons seeking new positions and opportunities are invited to list themselves here with contact details and we will see what we can do to assist them.

This could also enable us to work towards developing a select group of engineering resources that are available to industry on a short term or ad hoc consulting basis. This extends to those wishing to become Mentors for the PDP.

Tags:  Jobs  opportunities 

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Survey on PDP methods

Posted By Chris Reay, Wednesday, 27 April 2016



Survey for the optimal process of providing mentoring and refereeing support for candidate Engineers, Technologists and Technicians to achieve the competency levels and to enable registration.

The SAIMechE has developed a curriculum (PDP) that facilitates the training and development process that is required to be followed by Candidate Engineers, Technologists and Technicians to achieve the evidence that enables assessment by Mentors and Referees so as to comply with the 11 Outcomes that define professional competence. Please refer to the website for the details of the curriculum.

The current system is to facilitate this process by means of monthly (11 per annum), one day workshops held in selected locations which are attended by between 6 and 8 Candidates, and administered by a Mentor trained on the requirements of the process. Candidates from various employers are required to attend at the chosen location for that day. In-house workshops are also arranged where there are sufficient candidates employed.

It is now envisaged to consider providing alternative support via an on-line virtual learning system in which candidates participate on a more frequent basis for durations of up to say 90 minutes per session on a webinar interactive platform. This would enable Candidates to participate in communal learning groups from any location and at times suited to the workplace constraints and from home locations. The webinars would be facilitated and administered by Mentors fully trained on the system and who would nurture the interactive process for the participants. This is envisaged to take 3 to 4 sessions per outcome. Full scheduling would be provided in advance, and candidates would login to participate.

In addition to the above, there would be the attendance at the Candidate’s workplace by 

Mentors on an agreed occasional visit basis to supplement the support.

The current funding of Candidate training to remunerate Mentors can be provided from various sources. The Candidate, the Employer, or the direct funding by the SETAs. Proven precedent now exists for the funding from the SETAs and this avenue is being formally established.

Those Members who are considering achieving the level of professional competence meeting the 11 Outcomes and which can enable registration with ECSA, are asked to indicate the preferred method of the two processes outlined above adding comments to this article.





with mentor


Tags:  curriculum  webinar  workshop 

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